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eQUIhealth is committed to the health, harmony and well-being of the horse – be it a top-class eventer or companion horse, Shire horse or Shetland pony… donkeys too!

We have not forgotten people either.  Our aim is to offer complementary health products, natural remedies and alternative solutions to your equine, canine and human healthcare needs. By supplying a range of products that can be used with complete confidence and peace of mind, we seek to improve the day-to-day quality of equine lives, and that of their owners and other animals in their care.

In an ever-changing environment, we aim to keep abreast of leading-edge animal healthcare technology in order to provide you with a constantly developing range of natural and complementary products . Our range currently includes:

A complementary therapy, similar to acupuncture and reflexology – is not a new concept; the beneficial health properties of magnets have been known for thousands of years. If you think it’s all in the mind, try one on an animal – you will be amazed!

The equestrian world has been using magnotherapy products for horses with great success for many years, and horse owners have reported amazing improvements and/or recovery from numerous conditions. We currently offer a selection of horse (dog, cat and human) magnetic products from leading-edge manufacturer Bioflow. The company state: “To date, over a million people worldwide have made the decision to try our products and we now have thousands of testimonials from customers whose lives have been changed by Bioflow.”

Founded in 1991 in Cornwall, the company began by selling magnetic fuel-saving devices for vehicles. When mechanics fitting these products noticed that their aches and pains improved, this theory was developed into bracelets and wristbands and the Bioflow brand was created. From the beginning, the company ethos has been to commit to development and provide the best magnotherapy products available and, today, Bioflow is recognised as one of the world’s leading brands of magnetic wrist products.

FLP ALOE VERANature’s gift!
The ancient secret of Aloe Vera (The Medicine Plant) has been passed down since the beginning of recorded history. The power of the plant and its legendary properties are known to veterinary surgeons and equine consultants worldwide and it is widely used in the treatment of animals in their care. Beneficial to riders too!

We hope you enjoy our site. As it develops, we will be adding more products and features. These will include cost-effective aromatherapy products and herbal remedies made from the highest quality, natural ingredients, providing a safe alternative for your horse. Also, clever, innovative products that make your life as a horse owner easier, and books and DVDs. So, watch this space…

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