Bioflow Magnetic Cat Collar



The Bioflow Cat Collar was produced to meet the demands of pet owners who wanted to see the same results for their ailing pets as they had experienced themselves.

Made of lycra, the cat collar is fitted with Bioflow’s unique, world-patented, powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet module and features a removable bel and buckle fastening, making it fully adjustable to fit all sizes.

Natural, non-invasive, alternative therapy for cats features patented Central Reverse Polarity magnet technology.

Completely natural and drug-free, Bioflow collars have achieved a staggering 98% success rate in relieving a wide variety of animal health complaints. These include arthritis, problems caused by poor blood circulation, and pain associated with injuries.

Bioflow have been the global leaders in magnetic innovation and technology for over 15 years.

The Bioflow cat collar fits up to neck size 28cm and other small animals can benefit too (i.e. small dogs, goats, lambs, even owls and parrots, to name just a few!)

"In my professional experience animals don’t lie and I have seen too many positive results with Bioflow to doubt its beneficial effects." ~ Roger Meacock, Veterinary Surgeon.

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