Bioflow Magnetic Dog Collar



The Bioflow Dog Collar was produced to meet the demands of pet owners who wanted to see the same results for their ailing pets as they had experienced themselves

Completely natural and drug-free, Bioflow collars have achieved a staggering 98% success rate in relieving a wide variety of animal health complaints. These include arthritis, problems caused by poor blood circulation, and pain associated with injuries.

Made of strong, woven fabric, the Bioflow Dog Collar is fitted with Bioflow's unique, world-patented, powerful, Central Reverse Polarity magnet. It also comes with a heavy-duty clip fastener and incorporates a “D” ring so that a lead can be attached.

Used and recommended by many veterinary surgeons.

Two sizes: SMALL DOGS (neck size up to 45cm); LARGE DOGS (up to 65cm).
If your dog is very small, Bioflow’s cat collar fits up to neck size 28cm.


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