Multi-Worm (1litre)



Multi-Worm is a blend of herbal and botanical extracts from around the world, which are highly effective, without the bad side effects associated with herbal powders and some commercial products.

Multi-Worm works by expelling worms from the host and then promotes a good gut micro-flora, quickly bringing a heavily infested horse back to good condition. There is no known resistance build-up to Multi-Worm so there is no need to alternate with other products, as is the case with chemical products. Mutli-Worm has, in a short time, proved to be very popular in helping the horse’s own natural inbuilt immunity to all types of internal parasites. It is this specific area of activity that makes Multi-Worm unique in the market place.

Multi-Worm is administered in a simple monthly programme by giving a set amount on one day each month, either in drinking water, on moist feed, or soaked into a treat.

Multi-worm is VERY cost-effective – a 1 litre bottle will last an average sized horse for 14 months.

Using Multi-Worm in a regular monthly programme keeps the host free, expelling worms.
A horse with no endo-parasite challenge will be less stressed and look and perform better.

Multi-Worm is classed as a non-veterinary medicine and contains no banned substances; it does not contravene the Rules of Racing as laid down by the Jockey Club.