Bioflow Horse Brushing Boots (Pair)



The extremely popular and efficient Bioflow Brushing Boots have been around for a while but have recently been updated to make them even more effective and durable. The two Central Reverse Polarity magnet modules have been integrally bonded into a rubber moulding, providing much greater protection and deeper penetration of magnetic therapy for the horse or pony.

The Brushing Boots are made of high-performance weatherproof neoprene fabric, precision cut to prevent fraying, with a durable protective strike pad and strong hook and loop closure. They can be worn on either front or rear legs, as preferred. Many owners use them during exercise and activity, especially when ground conditions are hard.

Used and approved by many professional trainers and veterinary surgeons worldwide.
The use of Bioflow Magnotherapy is very successful in wound healing; it reduces swelling and heat caused by injury. Vets and owners have reported amazing improvement and/or recovery from many conditions, including:

Arthritis, back pain, bone spavin, bruising, cuts, haematomas, hock injuries, laminitis, muscular pain and strain, ringbone, scar tissue, skin sores/ulcers, strained ligaments, swollen joints and tendon damage.

Size: Over 14hh (large)